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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Past Projects

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Little boy tie, here is where I got the pattern.
Here are a few projects I found, when walking around the house, that I have done in the past. If you would like to know how to do them please just post a comment requesting.
My favorite bag. I have many sashes all different colors.
Sign is fabric mod podged on a board.
Tree skirt with appliqued holly leaves and buttons for berries. 
 Here is the pattern I used as a guide.
Height board less than $12 to make

Quilt I made with my Cricut for my nephew.
Headbands with scraps of fabric. Here is how.

Calendar that can get changed as often as you want.
Fabric balls that are easy to make.
Board holds all your coupons and reminders on your fridge?
Car Seat Canopy made a few years ago. Now they do big cute buttons and large rick rack around the edges. Tutorials are all over online.

Really cheap letters I found at Hobby Lobby. Paint and finish as you please and then screw hooks in to hang keys f

Vinyl clock, just buy hands online and cut vinyl yourself
Use dry erase maker ($1) on tile ($.98) cut and place vinyl
Made my Croc sandals into changeable flops. Here is how. I didn't use ribbon. I used vinyl home decor fabric I found at Joann's for like $2/yard.

Come check out my new blog at


  1. You have such a talent with crafts, Genny! LOve all your great projects. I'm excited you tried out the homemade sand--I'll try your modified version.

  2. You and your projects! I think I am going to try the flip-flops this year. I hate having to buy cheap-o uncomfortable Old-Navy ones each year and they aren't cute. Besides, I need a good excuse to buy some of that crazy vinyl fabric at the Upholstery store I love to visit.

  3. You should add on your watch bands...and all of your vinyl stuff...

    1. I thought about adding them, but decided I might add them later.