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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Marble Counters

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My husband and I are trying to lose weight. I saw this idea online, but modified it slightly. I wanted to keep all our marbles in the same jar to eliminate clutter, but then needed two different colors of marbles so that we could easily see where we were individually. Being the cheap, picky person I am I decided I would just dye some marbles myself. This way I saved money and I could do a color that matched our bathroom color scheme. Here is a tutorial that I used.
One Pound = One Marble
What I used:
2 Jars
Glass flat marbles
Mod Podge
Purple Food Coloring

I began by taking my clear glass marbles and dipping then in the "dye" solution mentioned in the tutorial above. (Remember to wear plastic gloves or you will have dyed fingers for a day like I did.)


I placed wet marbles on some plastic so they wouldn't stick to anything as they 

It took about 20 minutes to dry, then I flipped then over and gave them another 10 minutes.

Marbles looked periwinkle when wet, but dried a beautiful amethyst color.

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  1. Being not nearly as fancy or crafty, I bought my own marbles at Walmarts and have my own little jars sitting right on the kitchen counter.