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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Homemade Sand

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My little 2 year old boy is getting tired of being stuck inside all day everyday because of winter weather. So, I saw this on pinterest and tried it (with slight alterations).
Homemade Sand = Flour and Oil
 This is the tutorial I used, but changed the baby oil to olive oil. (I don't have baby oil in my house.) 
I also changed the proportions. I did 5 cups flour to 1/2 cup oil. 

After mixing by hand a little bit I pushed it through a sifter.

FYI: The more you play with it, the better it gets incorporated and holds its shape better. We played for about 10 minutes before it was a perfect homemade sand.

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  1. We made the sand last night, and Benjamin LOVED it!

    -Elisabeth Hill

  2. I loved it so much, my kids and I had soooo much fun!!!!!